Oven "Sun Dried" Tomatoes

Ok. Before we start, these are not actually sun dried, but that doesn’t matter. What matters is having these little jars of wonderfully tasty preserved tomatoes in your fridge to grab whenever you like, and also the tomato oil to use for cooking, dressings or just for dunking fresh bread in. That matters so much more than a recipe title. So, don’t focus on the title, just aim think of the pizza sauces, antipasti, salads, or even that super quick meal when you just empty a jar into freshly cooked pasta, grate over some parmesan and have a satisfying bowl of gourmet comfort food in 15 minutes flat.

Simple, cheap, handy. A store cupboard essential. Gorgeous too.

If like us you have been growing your lockdown veg, you will have tomato plants somewhere. Gallons of water and feed, pinching out and watching the trusses as the green tomatoes swell. Then all at once you have loads of tomatoes! So that’s the time for this recipe and you will be eating them all year. It also works well for bulk-buyers and using up extras as you can do as many or as few as you like.

You probably have everything you need for this one already, a few glass jars, bit of salt, some olive oil and maybe some pepper or garlic if you like. Your tomatoes can be a bit over ripe, or just perfect. If they are a bit under then leave them on the windowsill for a few days.

So, get going and enjoy!




Olive Oil

Sea Salt


Finely chopped garlic or rosemary can be added to the jars for additional flavour

Black pepper



1. Sterlise your jars, they need to have good fitting lids. Best way is to wash and dry the glass, then microwave them for a minute or so. Take the lids and place in a bowl, then cover with boiling water. Remove to cool on a rack and then dry.

2. Cut your tomatoes into quarters or eighths (depending on size).

3. Lay them on a baking sheet and sprinkle with the salt, a bit on each one is important.

4. Place in the oven on its lowest setting (below gas 1) approx. 60 degrees.

5. After 4 – 6 hours you will see they have wrinkled and dried to the touch, but have some give to them. Remove from the oven.

6. Start jarring up! The aim is to get as few spaces as possible between them in the jar, but not to squash them in.

7. Then add the olive oil to the jars, checking the air bubbles have come out. A light tap to the side helps that. Top up the oil so they are covered. Put on the lids and place in the fridge.

8. To use, simply take them out 30 mins before you want them, or if you are rushing, just run the jar under a warm tap before opening.

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