French Omelette

Simple proper food, budget friendly, your choice of fillings and done in minutes. What else could you want? An omelette is a great meal. A filling breakfast, a light lunch or a comforting dinner with salad or fries. Just a few ingredients to make this dish, and the added bit of luxury with the Creme Fraiche really completes it, as does a dollop of French mustard.

The trick with an omelette is a red hot pan, and air. That way you get a lovely light fluffy result. We use the French technique of pulling the outside edge towards the middle, meaning its much thinner but crumpled and so much lighter. For this one we have gone with the classic Mushroom and Cheese, but you can go for any filling you like such as another of our favourites, spinach with nutmeg.

We have done a slideshow of the cooking for you below, so check it out along with the method, it will help!


Ingredients (for 1 omelette).

3 x large eggs.

1 tbsp Creme Fraiche

Black Pepper and Salt to Season

3 - 4 closed cup mushrooms

4 - 5 thin slices of cheddar cheese

20cm (approx) non stick frying pan


Pretty much anything! If you are diary intolerant or just don't have it lying about in the fridge you can swap out the creme fraiche for water.

Try adding herbs to the omelette mix!



  1. First wash and slice the mushrooms. Put a drop of olive oil in the pan, and fry them off. Reserve to one side.

  2. Beat the eggs and creme fraiche together in a jug, season with salt and pepper.

  3. Wipe the pan out with olive oil and set over a medium heat.

  4. Once the pan has a little smoke coming off it, tip the omelette mix into the centre.

  5. After a couple of minutes you will see bubbles forming a "skin" of cooked omelette under liquid mix, so with flat ended spatula (wood or silicone are great, as they don't damage your pan) pull the omelette in towards the centre, in 4 areas.

  6. Add the cheese and then mushrooms to half the omelette

  7. Once there is very little liquid showing, fold the empty half over the filling, cook for another minute to melt in your cheese and serve.

HINT - the photos are arranged in a slideshow of the cooking stages for you. Clever or what!

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