Easy Ramen Bowl

A big hot bowl of fresh things, the ultimate comfort food but without the normal guilt. Lots of good veg in here, along with protein from the salmon or chicken along with the seafood, crab and Tofu, but very little fat. You can even turn this into a low carb / Keto meal by using the Barenaked Noodles, made from Konjac root.

The best part about this recipe is that you can really adapt it to your taste. Great with Chicken, seared Steak or Tuna, Seafood or Salmon. Get creative!

The key with this is to prep everything up front, and then it’s simply an assembly line style put-together operation. You can prep much of this in advance so its great if you have guests coming, as you can then simply cook off the salmon or chicken, add your broth and serve.

You need a nice big bowls – think more pasta bowls than the standard British soup bowl. Again, this recipe lends itself to experimentation and tinkering to your taste.


Ingredients per person

1 x Salmon Fillet (skin removed) or Chicken Breast

1 x block ribbon rice noodles OR 1 x pouch BareNaked Noodles

¼ x Pak Choi / handful spinach leaves / mange tout / baby sweetcorn as you prefer

1 x Egg

3 x Crab sticks

6 x Good large prawns or small handful seafood mix

2 x Spring onions or ¼ small red onion

4 x slices tinned water chestnut

Few splashes Teriyaki marinade

1 x heaped teaspoon White Miso Paste

1 x ½ inch thick slice of Tofu, cut into 6 squares


3 x slices red chilli

2 pieces dried Japanese seaweed, soaked for 5 mins



1. First, boil the egg with a splash of white vinegar in the water (helps when you have to peel it). I prefer my egg just under hard boiled, but do to your taste – semi hard boiled or hardboiled is fine. Once boiled, run under cold tap to stop them overcooking.

2. Skin the salmon (if using) by placing it skin side down on a board, and then pressing on it with one hand whilst you carefully run a sharp knife between the flesh and the blade. If using chicken, make diagonal slashes every ¾ of an inch along the top of the fillet about halfway down. Then splash over a little teriyaki marinade to taste and leave to one side.

3. Then, prepare your veg. Wash it, quarter the pak choi and cut out the core at the base, keep the leaves arranged as they are already. For the spring onions, cut diagonally or thinly slice the onion.

4. Cut the crab sticks diagonally into 4 pieces each.

5. For dried noodles, place in a bowl and pour over boiling water, leave for 3 mins and drain then rinse under cold tap. For premade noodles simply undo the pack. Place noodles in the bottom of your serving bowl.

6. Peel the boiled egg and cut in half.

7. Now the assembly begins of the cold ingredients. Place the pak choi or spinach in first, followed by the other veg, seafood / prawns and then the egg either side. Leave a gap for your salmon or chicken. If you are pre-prepping for later, this is as far as you go until you are ready to eat it.

8. Once you are ready to serve, get your salmon / chicken under the grill or in a pan with 1tsp of Sesame oil, and cook through. While that’s happening, boil the kettle and make up approx. 500ml of the Miso broth with your Miso paste.

9. Once cooked through place the salmon fillet in the bowl with the other ingredients. If using chicken, once cooked slice diagonally into ½ inch slices and place in the bowl.

10. Now add the miso broth to cover the veg ingredients, and microwave for 3 mins on full until piping hot – and serve!!!

Pro Tip: Slice your veggies and meat diagonally, which is traditional in Japan and means they are much more attractive in the bowl.

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