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Having built a career supplying Caterers in the UK and Europe for over 15 years whilst keeping a hand in the Antiques trade from a 30-year passion, a chance purchase on a cold Saturday morning revealed the potential for a new business venture.


 Antiques and decorative items have always been a passion for us. Matching and merging the old with the contemporary bringing a room to life with a piece of history gives a great deal of satisfaction and individuality. Academic antiques have become less and less popular in favour of items people can use and live with. Handmade craftsmanship and high quality married with durability and beauty are important to people, as is that “liveable with” component.


So, when one morning we had the chance to buy a collection of vintage wicker baskets from a bakery that was closing down in Chichester, we took it. Driving the car crammed to the roof with basketry home, it dawned on us that one material never went out of style. There was one material that was craftsman made, beautiful, sustainable, suited everything from the modern to the traditional, strong and usable, and found in every room of the house. Wicker and baskets.


Listing the baskets on Etsy we expected to sell one or two, but in a couple of weeks the whole lot had gone with people asking for more. From the sea of boxes and courier labels that our kitchen table became, we started to look for more baskets and found out how popular wicker really was.


We also noticed how well it went with our passion for Antiques and Vintage, Food, and Gardening.


Little Grey Dog was formed in October 2020 and has since gone from strength to strength in Lockdown, taking its name from our sadly departed standard Schnauzer (otherwise known as “our Founder”). We now have an apprentice, a Border Collie who we hope will take up the positon of MD, once he stops chasing everything.


We provide top quality in everything we do. From the wicker, vintage and antique products we select to create a designed and usable home, garden and kitchen. We are agile and able to respond to trends, priding ourselves as a family business for our service and innovation. All our basketware products are responsibly sourced and handmade to the highest standards using sustainable raw materials, and are sure to bring years of use, style and enjoyment. Our vintage and antique pieces are selected for their quality, useability and quirkiness.


To show how we use our own “stuff” our recipe blog contains original recipes and new takes on old concepts, along with updates from our allotment.


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